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We are a locally-owned business, with everyone working together we make a great team to provide outstanding service.


IMG 225423    Barry Smith barry@futureairsolutions.co.nz

Barry is one of our directors and has been in the industry since 1987 and is vastly experienced at design and build, commercial sector air conditioning, and has owned several businesses, including a previous business in the industry. Barry usually looks after our tenders and pricing.

 IMG 2250     Vaughan Fitzgerald vaughan@futureairsolutions.co.nz

Vaughan is also one of our directors and is a trade qualified refrigeration/HVAC engineer, with several years of HVAC industry and Project Management experience and will look after your project from start to finish.

 IMG 2241    Toni Spence-Ord admin@futureairsolutions.co.nz

Toni is our Office manager and Health and Safety coordinator , Toni is passionate about health & safety and is committed to proving a consistently high standard of safety is upheld, but she will also be looking after your account throughout the process.

 IMG 2255     Shaun Colenso  shaun@futureairsolutions.co.nz

Shaun started with us in October 2016 he is another one of our skilled Project Managers, he has many years experience and his time management skills on jobs is exceptional he will make sure your project is well managed and maintained.

 IMG 2248     James Brown  james@futureairsolutions.co.nz

James has been with us right from the start and has worked his way up from the tools to project management. He is very versatile , quite happy to pick up the tools from time to time and still keep his eye on the job at hand.

IMG 2252      Hareesh Lakkamraju hareesh@futureairsolutions

Hareesh has been with Future Air since June 2016 and is our Mechanical Engineer he is responsible for drafting and designing for quotes and construction.

He also prepares manuals for site maintenance so as to know how the equipment works and how to react during emergency services and breakdowns.



Meet the guys on the job:


Duct Installers

Stuart Williams

Ding Pahayahay

Louie Pahayahay

Mark Murfin

Grant Meredith

Rob Joy

Papa Mutu

Jordon Climo

Wellrodz Rodriguez


HVAC Installers

Joseph Sawyer

Matt Ferguson

Andrew Ferguson


Refrigeration Technicians/Service Technicians

Justin Fitzgerald - Service Manager

Sony Peter

Keith Franks